About the Studio

Kyriazis Studios is one of the most historical and longest running top class recording studio business in Greece.

It first opened its doors in 1979 at its old location in Renieri Street under its initial name "Master Sound", and was relocated in 1990 in its current location, and updated its name to "Kyriazis Studios". Pretty much the entire elite Greek recording clientele has stopped by our Studios to record, mix and collaborate with the studios in various ways.

The studio owner Tassos Kyriazis, having had numerous years of experience as a studio owner and audio technician, knew exactly what to consider when he started having his new studio-complex built from scratch: peaceful and creative working environment, flexibility of the rooms, multi-functionality of the equipment, and of course, an excellent acoustic design, the best to be found in the Greek territory, as claimed by most top international and domestic recording engineers. Ever since its opening, the business has performed several renovations, both in equipment and decoration, to meet today's technologic and aesthetic trends.

The facility is located in Halandri, a peaceful and beautiful suburb of Athens, quiet but still close to a huge number of amenities and historical places to visit. The facility offers a spacious parking lot, and a big whole-floor apartment, that can be used to accommodate its international clients. Please contact us for more info on accommodation.

The studios are now being operated by the son of Mr. Kyriazis, Vangelis Kyriazis, who has given a totally fresh approach on how a modern studio environment should be, at the same time preserving the "family friendly vibe" that Kyriazis Studios has been known for all these years.