Online Mixing


Get your music mixed at the worlds best analogue console made by Solid State Logic. The SSL Duality.

How it works

1st step: Submit your final recorded and edited tracks for mixing. Make sure all tracks have the same starting point and plenty of headroom. Please supply multi-track files dry, without reverb or effects.

2nd Step. You may supply your rough mix or a commercially released song tο be used as a reference. This will be useful as a guide for our mixing engineers.

3rd Step. You will be supplied with a final mix at original sample rate and bit depth ready for Mastering.

Once you' ve listened to the final mix you’ll be allowed 1 revision or a reasonable number of tweaks to levels or sonic elements within the mix.

For this reason we strongly recommend that you provide a reference mix and as much written information as possible, alongside any commercially released reference song you find relevant.


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