Studio A

Studio A, featuring an SSL Duality Console has been designed and built by the legendary English studio design company KFA.

The control room is designed in such a way, that creates the best possible conditions for really long sessions. The natural day light available, makes working even more comfortable and pleasant. The Control Room has been regarded by most renowned top engineers as the most perfectly designed and acoustically flattest (in frequency response) control room ever built in Greece! Its Reverberation Time RT(60) is 0,24 sec at 500 Hz.

The recording space is able to provide 3 different RT(60)'s depending on the placement in the various levels of the room. It is connected to the control room through a soundproof double sliding glass-door for quick access and convenient eye-contact. It has high ceilings and is designed with acoustic materials of such properties, that gives some early reflections, thus making the sound lively, warm and pleasant. There is also a brilliant-sounding drum booth inside the recording area, which has also a high ceiling and a good eye-contact with the rest of the recording area.



Mixing Desk


Mic Pre

Avalon  MS x 2

Tubetech MP-1A

D.W. Fern VT 1

Focusrite ISA 215


Grane Song IBIS

Avalon AD 2055

Focusrite ISA 215


Manley-Vari MV

Empirical Labs- Distressor EL8-X x 2

Grane Song – Trakker x 2

Tubetech LCA 2B

Dbx 160xt x 2

Drawmer DS 201 Dual Gate

Orban 536A Deesser

Spl Deesser

Fx Units

Lexicon 480L

Lexicon 960L

Lexicon 224

Lexicon PCM 60

Eventide H 3000S

TC Electronic M3000

TC Electronic D Two

Yamaha SPX 90

Roland Space Echo x 2

Korg Stage Echo x 2

Ursa Major - Space Station

Mic List

D 112
D 12 x 2
D 200 E
D 202 CS
C 451 EB x 2
C 451 E x 2
C 452 EB x 2
C 12 Tube
C 12 VR Tube
C 24 Tube
C 414 B ULS x 2

CB 20 C
CM 1051 C

U 87 x 2
M 49 Vintage

SM 7
SM 58 x 3
SM 57 x 7
KSM 32 x 2

CMC6 + MK4 x 2

MD 441 x 5
MD 421 x 2
E 855

SM 204

Electro Voice
Re 20

Studio B